Did you find your best circus on the web? In regards of serious corona virus sitation, mostly all circus artists lost their jobs worldwide. Slowly China starts to recover thanks to rapid and precise measurements of Chinese government, thanks to heroic work of doctors and nurses. Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Russia is under threat of the virus at the moment. You may see that borders are build between countries but borders are melted in the peoples hearts all around the world. Russia, China and Cuba saving Italy from highest spike in corona virus cases. World definitely changes, and circus changes as well. But how does things go with the circus and art in general at the moment? For example a lot of circus groups, circus schools went online, professional artists and dancers offer online classes, larger organization such as Cirque du Soleil post their videos on social media. For example show Traces, created by 7 fingers ( 7 Doigts de la main ). Dreamlike acrobatics of the 7 Fingers on hand, cruel jokes of the clown Ludor Citrik and brilliant circus acts of young circus performers at the World Festival ... What if confinement was the occasion to remember the extraordinary vitality of the contemporary circus from your sofa? Acrobatics, juggling, clowning, mime ... Confinement is an opportunity to see or review the emblematic creations of companies and circus artists. Here are six sacred numbers! “Traces”, of the 7 Fingers on the hand. Created in 2006, the show Traces, des 7 Doigts de la main, stands out for its dynamism and modernity. The Quebec company, founded a few years earlier, has since become a big name in the contemporary circus around the world thanks to its creations combining technical performance, creativity, and other arts than acrobatics (video, tag, urban dances ...) . The ultra-stripped down number below, a series of acrobatic stunts by Raphael and Francisco Cruz, is a milestone.