So you feel in love with what you do, probably aerial hoop lesson at near by studio and after sometime you are looking for more time to practise your skills at home with your own hoop. Our suggestion, just buy aerial hoop from your local store or from online store such as Red Circle Shop, unless you want to go all the way through manufacturing and wielding process yourself. Before making or ordering your hoop, depending on your personal preferences, choose the size of your hoop. Here is a tip: sit on a chair and measure from seat to the top of your head and add 10-12 cm. You might prefer bigger or smaller size but this is general idea on how to find what will fit you. Next step is to find how many point would you like to have on your hoop, one point on hoop might be too early if you are really amateur, two points hoop will definitely be more stable and secure. if you want a step up and have previous experience, go for one point hoop. Choice of metal: It should be steel, yes there might be someone suggesting you opposite, but most secure, professional and solid hoops are made of steel, either black or stainless steel. For any steel, we suggest you to tape your hoop, it gives some protection against being scratched also you can have any colours as adhesive tape comes in wide variety of colours. Bending.