Big tent circuses that travel in Europe for centuries visiting hundred places each year, might get a specail support in Europe. Interesting initiative has been launched in Europe by lawmaker, the idea is to provide support and award sircuses that follow and abide best practises. Hungarian MEP (Ujhelyi Istvan) said that circuses are part of European history and support provided by EU will basically save them from extinction. Circuses need us, he noticed. Some circuses perform over 250 years, at the moment three European circuses received reward last Friday at the European Parliament at the ceremony. These circuses are: Hungarian, Finnish and Swiss Three circuses from Finland (Circus Finlandia), Hungary (National circus) and Switzerland (Knie) were rewarded this Friday at a ceremony held at the European Parliament. Welfare of animals, tax compliance and staff protection among the most imprtant criterias for support. Currently among 50 circuses that tour in Europe, only six have received this label. Read HERE: