To all artists from circus world or dance universe this name is one of the greatest on earth. This is Marcel Marceau (born Marcel Mantel) he is well known by the name of his character, Bip, Marcel Marceau was a French mime actor. He was born in Strasbourg on March 22, 1923. Marcel began his career as a mime in Germany, acting for the French occupation troops, after World War II. After that incursion in the dramatic art he decided to study this discipline in the theater Sarah Bernhardt of Paris. He was awarded official French Legion of Honor. In 1947 Marcel Marceau created character "Bip" - the clown with a striped sweater and a battered top hat, decorated with a flower (which represented the fragility of life) and who became his alter ego, similar to Chaplin's tramp. Bip's misadventures with everything around him, from butterflies to lions, ships and trains, or restaurant dance floors, had no limits. Famous style of the pantomime of Marcel Marceau has not had a pair, its silent acts that include the classic representations of the box, walking against the wind, the maker of masks, in the park and satires of all kinds, from sculptors to killers, have been described as great. Regarding the advance of age, his piece Young, mature, old and dead, a critic has said that "he achieves in less than two minutes what most novelists do not achieve in volumes." Marcel Marceau died in Cahors on September 22, 2007 from a severe illness and was buried in the Paris cemetery of Père Lachaise.