How Quality Welding Improve our Production In the circus all around the world, artists perform, using various objects and equipment, comparing to juggling there is other genres, such as aerial acts or genres such as Globe of death or Wheel of death, and here the name speaks for itself.

There is no doubts that circus is a dangerous art, artists risking their lives and lives of their partner and can rely only on their skills, safety net and high quality equipment. In regards of manufacturing circus props there is lot’s of choice, some artists order customized equipment specifically for their act, some artists purchase props from various manufacturers. No matter what kind of circus equipment you order at online store or at the factory, there is one job to be done for your aerial, hand balancing, acrobatics, tight wire and slack wire, or any other circus equipment, that job truly stands out from the rest is that of the welder. During your order process, make sure that props made are correct and durable.

These days it can be hard to find high-quality professionals, meaning that the state of your props welded parts may even be with some safety issues. In this article we are going to discuss why welding is such an important component of manufacturing your circus props and what options our company give you to ensure that you are getting the best results. Even if you can’t hire company you want due to the price estimates or distance, make sure your props have been produced with the best standards. Importance of welding is in manufacturing process!

Every manufacturer of circus equipment, whether it’s making aerial hoops, lyra’s, aerial rigs, hand balancing equipment or circus props used for High wire acts, Flying trapeze acts or apparatus for Wheel of death, Globe of death acts, relies on professionalism of welder. Automation can certainly help out in this regard, but there is no real replacement for having qualified and professional person able to do custom welding on hand to make circus equipment to specification and safe for artists.

Even robots can’t guarantee their work, they also can’t adapt to new situation and find right solution. So here is the question: What makes a high-quality weld suitable and safe for circus? Here at Red Circle Shop, we choose three components needed to ensure that welds on your props are as strong and reliable as they need to be. Let’s look at each part to understand how it all comes together.

Certified welder

Here at Red Circle Shop we work with welders certified by EN ISO 9606-1-5; ASME, IBR, AD 2000, HP 0, this certification ensures that performed work will be of the highest quality. Inspection Inspection on site who is responsible to ensure that the wielding is high quality work as well as check and provide tools to get the job done. Weld stress relief It is really imperative that metal is kept hot until piece is ready to be cooled. If it cools off too fast it will disrupt the integrity of metal and could possibly lead to safety problems. It is truly crucial that each welded piece undergoes stress relief, even to use electricity or hot air to keep metal hot until the time is right.

There is danger of low quality welds and each artist should be aware that each props and each centimetre of weld is important. In bad welding jobs you might see planar defects (cracks, improper penetration and fusion) this is the most serious problems as they diminish the integrity of the metal and cause it to break. Another flaw is volumetric, meaning that the weld is too thick, porous or with an extra slag. These issues might not be as dangerous as planar, they will require additional clean up, taking time and labour hours. Last weld flaw is in the shape.

This type of flaws can be misaligned with incorrect profile, this might not affect the strength of the weld, but you really want your circus equipment be as perfect as possible, right? Also, it will take time and money to fix the flaws, could require additional revision and cleanup.

At Red Circle Shop customers can order customized circus props with high-quality welding. We do care about our reputation, our props last longer and are stronger, so we held in higher esteem.

Clients of our online store appreciate the attention to details and very often we receive letters from customers who was referred to our store by their friends and colleagues. Depending on the kinds of props, bad weld can be serious issue. If something breaks or comes apart during circus training or during performance, it could be dangerous for the artist and audience. We suggest to pay attention to the purchased props, especially to very cheap props, we also strongly suggest to care for your equipment, check welded parts if prop was dropped on the floor and make sure there is no cracks or any other additional or unusual movement in the apparatus. At Red Circle Shop we ensure quality of all welding, even with so many components needed to be inspected.

We are proud to deliver consistent results in our production line and in custom made props. Red Circle Shop offer quality circus props. Our team have some of the best quality welders at decent price range, we committed to deliver the best quality props with highest quality welds possible. Contact us if you wish to order customized circus equipment and props.

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