Some time ago, there was no online stores and it was quite hard to get circus props.Some specific people would make it for you and if you have something in your head it would be quite hard to make circus equipment you want.

Specific training props circus students and circus artists made by themselves, no one would even think to buy hand balancing blocks, because this is very easy to make them yourself. Simply go to your hardware store or if you have solid wood board it is very easy to cut your own blocks with regular saw and then sand paper it.

Make it comfortable for your arm, you don't need precise measurements, simply mark shape of the block on the wood board with pencil and cut it. If there is no thick enaugh solid wood board you can easily glue two pieces together and then give them shape you want with regular hand saw and sand paper.

Of course, lot's of artists prefer to purchase hand balancing blocks professionally made, but evryone can simply make them. If you don't have time to spend on making your own blocks, simply contact red Circle Shop and we will make custom sized blocks for you.

If you are seeking advise in hand balancing or any other circus discipline, feel free to contact us as well, we are always welcome to share information with circus performers and people interested in circus.

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