You might think that making homemade diabolo yourself is impossible and actually looking at modern factory made diabolos, with sophisticated designs, modern plastic materials and complicated axel systems we would say yes, it is impossible or at least not easy to make yourself such a sophisticated props.

But if you are a beginner and doesn’t need professionally made diabolo like those Japanese made diabolos at online store Red Circle Shop, or if you don’t want to spend money to try diabolo, you can purchase lower quality and cheap Chinese diabolo there is a way on how to make DIY diabolo.

Of course such homemade diabolo yoyo can’t compete with professionally factory made one, but for basic tricks and for fun it will definitely work! So, prepare to spend some time and to have fun with your own diabolo.

First of all, you will have to find right materials and tools to make diabolo your self.

For materials you can use some heavy weight plastic deep bowls for example 15cm in diameter, then purchase lug nuts (2 pc.) acorn bulge and open ended, simply ask at your hardware store, they are easy to find.

Next is hex nuts and fender washers, you can purchase 2 and 4 of them and also take two washers made of rubber and one threaded rod.

Please make sure and ask advisor at your store that lug and hex nuts, threaded rod must have the same size of thread and pitch. Next is your instruments, you will need a knife, safety equipment such as glasses, drill with the same diameter, measurement tools, handsaw, scissors and other equipment of your choice.

First of all you will have to drill through the bowls bottom, depending on bowl material you will have to drill fast or slow so it won’t crack for example. After holes are made in bowls screw lug nuts with ends facing at each other, screw onto threaded rod. Then very important step is to balance thread bolt with nuts, you can use string to hang it.

During process it is recommended to check balance few times and after you can tighten the bolts.

Now you can assemble whole thing together and tight everything. Your DIY diabolo ready to go!

After your diabolo is ready you can start making your sticks. Homemade diabolo sticks or handsticks for diabolo is way easier to make, simply drill holes in a dowel. Previously measure and cut the dowel to the size you need.

You will have to find right size for yourself, simply by measuring the string from your collarbone to the floor and then add around 3’’ to the length of the string and tight a nots on both sides after placing string into the holes of the dowel. Here you go!

But after you made your diabolo and hand sticks it is time to test it and fix any possible mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes is unbalanced diabolo, you can of course check it with the string as was described earlier, but still test it while juggling with diabolo.

Start with rolling your diabolo using hand sticks to control the roll. Keep in mind that if you are right handed your control hand stick is right and opposite if you are left handed.

Rolling is easy, place your hand sticks parallel to each other, after place diabolo on the floor, you can step sideways to roll diabolo from left to right, continue. If diabolo doesn’t make any «wobbling» moves on the string, you balanced it well.

Keep practising and always check your surrounding, if you have other people in the place you are practising, make sure you won’t hit anyone with your diabolo.

Making your own diabolo is lot’s of fun and very easy task to perform, however if you are planning to perform we highly suggest to purchase professionally made diabolo from reputable online store such as Red Circle Shop.