How to play diabolo Diabolo has an interesting shape and is controlled and manipulated by two handles with fixed rope. How to spin diabolo and make tricks you can learn from numerous articles and video guides, a diabolo for beginners is basically to learn how to make a diabolo spin.

This brief informational text can assist beginners to start in correct way, and everything else is your responsibility and dedication. One of the best diabolo jugglers are Japanese and Taiwanese artists, there is of course European artists as well, but Japan and Taiwan are among the strongest diabolo jugglers in the world. Beginners start with one diabolo and with progress and time spend mastering the skills, they can learn on how to juggle with more then 1 diabolo. Great jugglers can manipulate with up to 5-6 diabolos at the same time. How to spin diabolo, how to start your game?

To start simply place your diabolo on flat surface - floor, then place your string horizontally and your sticks parallel to each other. Then put string under the diabolo, one of your hands (depending if you are right or left handed) shall remain still, with other arm, tap your diabolo and start spinning diabolo. Later during process you will learn on hot to control your diabolo, so it does not tilt or moves forward during juggling.

One of first things you need to learn is to make your diabolo spin as quick as possible, then try to throw diabolo using two of your sticks, use a spinning diabolo for active tricks, fast and precise. Going back to diabolo juggling tips.

Before starting, remember that your strings has to be straight not twisted. You will have to spin your diabolo as fast as you can, another step to take is to throw diabolo into the air, not too high, about 60cm (around 2feet), but you can try throwing diabolo higher or lower as well). When you are playing with diabolo, remember moving your sticks and rope accordingly to the axle of the diabolo, when diabolo drop onto the rope, let it spin and then throw it into the air again, then catch and throw again, this is one of the basic exercises.

With diabolo you can find plenty of exercises, such as spaghetti, wraps, magic knot, some of the tricks are more harder but beginner tricks relatively easy tricks to learn. There is also various diabolos to choose at red circle shop, such as : half-diabolos, soft and hard shape diabolos, with two or thre axel diabolos, etc. All are highest quality diabolos!

At the same time new technologies gives artists ability to perform with new Led diabolos and program them with specific and unique patterns. Play and create your unique acts with diabolos from Red Circle Shop!

Usually it is recommended to start rehearsing your diabolo skills outdoor or at some sport facility, but your space is large and high enough you can train there.

Keep in mind, that if you are a short temper person, diabolo might not be a good fit to you, as you will have to put lot’s of your time into practicing your diabolo skills and be prepared for some frustration of course, because things might not go as fast as you wish with diabolo.

Another important factor of success is good quality of your diabolo. You can find cheap and low quality diabolos on the market or some good quality but advertised and overpriced diabolos. Decide for yourself, at Red Circle Shop we recommend Japanese factory made quality of diabolos, with our diabolos you can be sure to get best price and highest quality on the market. famous Japanese juggler Ryo Yabe has invented and created unique axle system for diabolos, this double and triple axle diabolos you can purchase at Red Circle Shop and get an advise from professional diabolo juggler on how to choose your diabolo.