Last year, in December 2019, permanent theatre for Franco Dragone show was open in China. Wuxi show theatre was designed and built by Steven Chilton for new production of Franco Dragone. White columns represent largest bamboo forest in China - Sea of Bamboo in Yixing province. We know that it doesn't sound true right now especially with Worlwide pandemic, but we do hope and believe that global efforts will bring results and by the end of this year we will be able to return to this amazing county to enjoy unique culture and such an amazing shows. Two thousand audience members will be sitting inside babmboo forest build from steel and will enjoy "The House of Dancing Water" show by Franco Dragone year round. Theatre was build like a Wuxi centrepiece with easy access to Lake Tai, islands with Buddhist and Dao sites, numerous trails and of course ferris wheel. We strongly beleive that our world as we know it will be back stronger and more united then ever. Stay strong and safe!